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Cal Golden Bears Ladies White-Navy Blue Argyle Socks

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Ladies, put some prep in your step while showing which team's colors you rock on game day in these comfy Argyle socks!
For other uses see Green Monster (disambiguation).
The Green Monster as seen from the grandstand section in 2006. The ladder is visible to the right of the Red Sox Foundation logo.

The Green Monster is the nickname of the thirty-seven foot two-inch (11.3 m) high left field wall at Fenway Park home to the Boston Red Sox baseball team. The Green Monster which is only 310-315 feet from home plate is a popular target for right-handed hitters.

The Green Monster in 2006 showing the manual scoreboard seating and more recent additions including charity advertisements billboards and the AL East standings.
Green Monster seats

Part of the original ballpark construction of 1912 the wall is made of wood but was covered in tin and concrete in 1934 and then hard plastic in 1976. A manual scoreboard is set into the wall. Despite the name the Green Monster was not painted green until 1947; before that it was covered with advertisements. The Monster designation is relatively new. For most of its history it was simply called the wall.

The wall is the highest among current Major League Baseball fields and is the second highest among all professional baseball fields (including minor leagues) falling approximately six inches short of the left field wall the Arch Nemesis at Sovereign Bank Stadium in York Pennsylvania.

i have small feet so cant seem to wear mens shoes. is it bad to wear girls socks and shoes
hi. im a 19 yr old lad and have very small feet. i take uk size 4 to 5s. (usualy a 4) because of this i cant wear mens shoes. so i wear my 13 year old little sisters shoes / trainers who happens to be the same size as me. also my girlfriend tells me to wear her socks (sometimes). she tells me its because their cool. but she has sweaty feet. i dont like wearing them because they stink. this ok to wear them and what shall i say to her and also does anyone have an idea what shoes / trainers i could buy please

Try looking in the older children’s section for shoes – seriously! Lots of the styles are just smaller versions of adult sizes and it means you wouldn’t have to go to an expensive specialist shop.

Oh my aching feet. Ouch with every step I take. I feel the pins and needles in my legs when I recline for sleep. I know that someone somewhere when I was first diagnosed with diabetes said something about taking care of my feet. You may want to try the diabetic socks that can sooth your feet. Take care of my blood sugar. What does that have to do with my feet pray tell Every time that your blood sugar soars over 140 you are setting your self up for complications to set in. Remember when your blood sugar is above 140.
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  • True Religion’s solid/stripe crew sock in navy blue orange and grey with a knit logo.

Fresno State Bulldogs Ladies White-Cardinal Argyle Socks

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Ladies, keep your tootsies warm while showing which team's colors you rock on game day in these comfy Argyle socks!
An argyle sock knit using intarsia
The inside of the same argyle sock showing the lack of carried strands and the twist at each change of colour

Intarsia is a knitting technique used to create patterns with multiple colours. As with the woodworking technique of the same name fields of different colours and materials appear to be inlaid in one another but are in fact all separate pieces fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Unlike other multicolour techniques (including Fair Isle slip-stitch colour and double knitting) there is only one “active” colour on any given stitch and yarn is not carried across the back of the work; when a colour changes on a given row the old yarn is left hanging. This means that any intarsia piece is topologically several disjoint columns of colour; a simple blue circle on a white background involves one column of blue and two of white—one for the left and one for the right. Intarsia is most often worked flat rather than in the round. However it is possible to knit intarsia in circular knitting using particular techniques.

Common examples of intarsia include sweaters with large solid-colour features like fruits flowers or geometric shapes. Argyle socks and sweaters are normally done in intarsia although the thin diagonal lines are often overlaid in a later step using Swiss darning or sometimes just a simple backstitch.

which mens sneakers/tennis shoes look best on men 45-55 years oldwith shorts jeans socks or no socks
question for the ladies:
which mens sneakers & tennis shoes or casual slides mules do you think look the hottest sexy& most fashionable on men between ages of 45-55 with jeans shorts with or with out socks what are your preferences

Personally I think sneakers are uncomfortable without sox. So don’t go without sox just to achieve that certain “look”. You’ll just look like you dressed in a hurry.

If you wear sneakers with shorts avoid long socks. If it’s with jeans it doesn’t matter because they’re not that visible.

Mules and slides on a guy unh-unh unless you’re at home or on vacation at the beach.

I have never considered this type of shoe at all sexy.

If you’re interested in finding the best walking shoes the Oct. 2006 issue of Consumer Report (pp. 50-52) includes a report on their tests. Based on their criteria (sorry they don’t include “hot” “sexy” or “fashionable” as criteria) their best buys for men include an Asics and a New Balance model.

A sock is footwear that is worn inside shoes to make one feel comfortable. Our feet are one of the largest sweat-producing parts of our body. So one often needs to feel more selective with socks thus giving birth to the concept of custom socks which is a sock made custom for specific need. These are socks which one can customize according to the size shape color logo designs models and materials.
Where Needed
These are generally needed and ordered in large quantities (usually no less than 50 pairs of the same model) to the companies that make and sell them and are required mostly by various institutes like schools colleges offices cheerleading teams sports teams etc.
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Dockers Acrylic Argyle Sock 3 Pack – Charcoal

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Colorful men's argyle pattern socks are tailored for a great fit and come in your choice of rich colors.
The Knitting Girl by William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1869

Knitting as defined by Wiktionary is “Combining a piece of thread with two needles into a piece of fabric.” The word is derived from knot thought to originate from the Dutch verb knutten which is similar to the Old English cnyttan to knot. Its origins lie in the basic human need for clothing for protection against the elements. More recently knitting has become less a necessary skill and more a hobby.

Early origins of knitting

Knitting is a technique of producing fabric from a strand of yarn or thread. Unlike weaving knitting does not require a loom nor other large equipment making it a valuable technique for nomadic and non-agrarian peoples.

The oldest artifact with a knitted appearance is a type of sock. It is believed that socks and stockings were the first pieces produced using techniques similar to knitting. These socks were worked in Nlebinding a technique of making fabric by creating multiple knots or loops with a single needle and thread. Many of these existing clothing items employed nlebinding techniques; some of them look very similar to true knitting. For example 3rd-5th century CE Romano-Egyptian toe-socks. Several pieces done in now obscure techniques have been mistaken for knitting or crocheting.

What kind of socks would one wear with these shoes

tube socks ankle socks no-show socks no socks at all is not an option–I dont want my feet to get sweaty in them.

I’m leaning towards the tube socks. Any opinions Thanks!

Since these are not dress shoes – you can wear whatever kind of socks you want. You only have to worry about what kind of socks if you are wearing dress shoes. Nice shoes by the way – I would buy them.

Why do corns develop
There are many things that can lead to painful corns. Usually painful corns develop from friction and pressure that is localized in an area. It is for this reason that corns usually develop on the feet more specifically the toes. People who wear shoes that are too small often have painful corns develop on toes. The constant rubbing of the sides of their shoes on their skin causes a snowball effect on callus growth. What happens is that the friction causes heat and pressure this leads to thickening of the skin which then causes more pressure on the area leading to a bigger callus.
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  • Striped Socks Novelty Socks. … Home > Novelty Socks > Striped Socks. Striped Socks.
  • Corgi Hosiery got its start making thigh-high woolen socks for local miners in England and later popularized men’s argyle socks.
  • Great for small snowman builders and shredders alike these colorful SmartWool Wintersport Stripe socks are designed for general use in the chilly outdoors.

Syracuse Orange Ladies White-Navy Blue Argyle Socks

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Ladies, put some prep in your step while showing which team's colors you rock on game day in these comfy Argyle socks!
An example of an Argyle style pattern
Argyle socks

The argyle (occasionally argyll) pattern is made of diamonds in a diagonal checkerboard arrangement. The word is sometimes used to refer to an individual diamond in the design but more commonly refers to the overall pattern. Most argyle layouts contain layers of overlapping motifs adding a sense of three-dimensionality movement and texture. Typically there is an overlay of intercrossing diagonal lines on solid diamonds.

The argyle pattern is derived from the tartan of Clan Campbell of Argyll in western Scotland and from the patterned socks worn by Scottish Highlanders since at least the 17th century. (See illustrations in History of the kilt) These were generally known as “tartan hose”.

Argyle knitwear became fashionable in England and then the USA after the first world war. Pringle of Scotland popularised the design helped by its identification with the Duke of Windsor. Pringle’s website says that “the iconic Pringle argyle design was developed” in the 1920s. The duke like others used this pattern for golf clothing: both for jerseys and for the long socks needed for the plus-fours trouser fashion of the day.

Payne Stewart (19571999) who won the U.S. Open and a PGA championship was known and loved by fans for his bright and “flashy” dress;

how should i lace my vans authentic im a guy. and is it gay to wear these socks. it says mens but….

I think those socks are really sweet. I actually just bought a pair. Unfortunately I normally associate Vans with pedophiles or people with bad teeth that live down by a river. This however is just an opinion and I recommend you follow your heart.

Your feet have over 250000 sweat glands. So its quite natural for them to sweat and soak our socks. However sweat is not the root of the odor problem but bacteria is. Bacteria growth thrives in damp and dark places. Sweaty feet and socks that have been in shoes all day will quickly grow these odor causing bacteria.
So what can you do to prevent the odor
1) Wear the right kind of socks – Make sure to wear socks that are clean and dry. In addition they should be made mostly of cotton to absorb sweat and allow your feet to breath.
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Southern Miss Golden Eagles Ladies White-Black Argyle Socks

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Ladies, put some prep in your step while showing which team's colors you rock on game day in these comfy Argyle socks!
Derek Bell MBE (October 21 1935 October 17 2002) was an Northern Irish harpist pianist oboist musicologist and composer best known for his accompaniment work on various instruments with The Chieftains.

As classical composer and virtuoso

Bell was born George Derek Fleetwood Bell in Belfast Northern Ireland. Because he had been misdiagnosed at an early age as having a disease that would lead to blindness his parents gave him a musical upbringing. Bell was something of a child prodigy composing his first concerto at the age of 12. He graduated from the Royal College of Music in 1957. While studying there he became friends with flautist James Galway. Between 1958 and 1990 he composed several classical works including three piano sonatas two symphonies Three Images of Ireland in Druid Times (in 1993) for harp strings and timpani Nocturne on an Icelandic Melody (1997) for oboe d’amore and piano and Three Transcendental Concert Studies (2000) for oboe and piano. Bell had mastered and held an exquisite collection of several instruments including various harps harpsichord piano cymbalom and all the members of the oboe family of instruments (musette oboe cor anglais bass oboe) and the heckelphone

As manager of the Belfast Symphony Orchestra he was responsible for maintaining the instruments and keeping them in tune.

mens sweaty smelly socks

ok son ill wear the same socks for a month and then send them to you ok

When putting on a pair of socks have you ever given thought as to how the wearing of socks ever started It’s very interesting really. I won’t go in to all the details but will give you a little bit of the history. Going back in time to Anglo Saxon days the terms we use today Hosiery and Stocking are derived from Hosa and Stoka. The meanings of these ancient words are respectively “Tight legged trouser” and “Stump” introduced when the upper part of the trouser leg was cut off.
The ancients used skins tied to their feet to keep them warm in the cold of winter prevent them from getting frostbite.
Thigh High Socks and Thigh High Tights are all the rage today. Learn more about how and why this relatively low cost wardrobe accessory is making a hue
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  • When you talk about women fashion ensemble the most difficult to incorporate are the ones we usually neglect knee high socks.

Kentucky Wildcats Ladies White-Royal Blue Argyle Socks

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Ladies, put some prep in your step while showing which team's colors you rock on game day in these comfy Argyle socks!
The following is a list of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! episodes. Episodes in seasons 13 were all released two days earlier than their air dates on Adult Swim Video.

Season 1: 2007
Episode #
Production code
February 11 2007

Tims Dad sends Eric a gift basket wishing him luck on the new show. Leif and C-Boy square off in a hacky sack championship. Dr. Steve Brule reports on fruits and vegetables. Casey and his Brother perform “Time Travel” on The Uncle Muscles Hour. Tim and Eric revive the old “Waiting Room” sketch. A new Cinco toy “B’owl” is advertised. Tim makes a call to pest control about his bees and his disappointing son Spraynard Kruger. (John C. Reilly and Bob Odenkirk guest star)
February 18 2007

Cinco Insurance advertises their “Balls Insurance” plan. Eric sends Tim an ornamental hot dog after finding out he is dying of “limp lip”. Dr. Steve Brule celebrates 10 years in broadcasting. Pierre teaches children how to dance and scolds them for allegedly possessing rotten meat. Tim and Eric write a jingle for Rolos. (Ron Lynch Brian Posehn and John C. Reilly guest star)

where can i get the socks that the mens USA basketball team wears

after the game from the locker room for sure. try later in the laundry. smells better. joking. i think nike sponsors them so from nike outlets

For people suffering with diabetes one of the major concerns of both patients and doctors is foot problems. Leg and foot problems are quite common in diabetics as the extremities have poor circulation and diabetes complicates this fact greatly. There is good news however as there are some simple tips and tricks that can greatly improve the circulation in the legs and feet and a number of good ways to help heal the feet after an injury or an ulcer.
As with all things in life the best medicine is prevention. Simple things such as examining your feet regularly and applying moisturizer daily can go a long way in ensuring that your feet stay healthy.
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  • In a year in which thigh high boots will be so prominent this fashion trend should come as no surprise.
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Indiana Hoosiers Ladies White-Crimson Argyle Socks

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Ladies, put some prep in your step while showing which team's colors you rock on game day in these comfy Argyle socks!
Humanities desk
March 9
Feb March Apr >>
March 11 >
Welcome to the Wikipedia Humanities Reference Desk Archives
The page you are currently viewing is an archive page. While you can leave answers for any questions shown below please ask new questions on one of the current reference desk pages.

March 10

What is the legal status of a school

Can it claim copyright or trademark over its logo mission slogan and other identifying marks Can it sue for defamation The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk) 02:23 10 March 2007 (UTC).
I think it would very much depend on any relevant national state or local laws. These are the things that would create the legal status of the school. Which country are you interested in JackofOz 02:43 10 March 2007 (UTC)
In the US at least it’s also going to depend very much on whether the school is public or private — most US public schools are legally just part of a school district; its usually at the district level where the school board and superintendent exist for oversight purposes and where they make the legal decisions. Jfarber 03:02 10 March 2007 (UTC)
I don’t see how the public or private status of the institution bears any relevance.

what are some good socks to buy on amazon
i want to buy only knee high socks.either baseball or football or other..what are some good choices (mens socks)

olympia sports! Wal-mart. i would reccomend under armor brand or nike

If you’re the athletic type you will benefit from wearing running socks. Even if you’re not a runner any vigorous activity such as aerobics can be made more pleasant by wearing a pair. These socks provide extra cushion while wicking away excess moisture. Many runners used specialized running shoes and cushioned insoles but they throw on a pair of bulky sweat socks before going for a jog. Socks are worn next to the feet so if they do not conform to your feet you could be just wasting your money on those other accessories. You’ll want to find a pair that are warm in the winter and cooling during summer seasons.
Shop for over-the-calf diabetic socks at Therawear. Choose from a variety of seamless and padded socks specially designed for diabetes arthritis
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~ Sock Dreams ~. Jump to: content main menu submenu search. Coming well past your knees thigh highs are super comfy & often sexy

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Knee High Socks Pastel Argyle

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This article is about the suffix -phobia. For the class of psychological disorders see Phobia.

The English suffixes -phobia -phobic -phobe (of Greek origin: / ) occur in technical usage in psychiatry to construct words that describe irrational disabling fear as a mental disorder (e.g. agoraphobia) in chemistry to describe chemical aversions (e.g. hydrophobic) in biology to describe organisms that dislike certain conditions (e.g. acidophobia) and in medicine to describe hypersensitivity to a stimulus usually sensory (e.g. photophobia). In common usage they also form words that describe dislike or hatred of a particular thing or subject. The suffix is antonymic to -phil-.

For more information on the psychiatric side including how psychiatry groups phobias as agoraphobia social phobia or simple phobia see phobia.

The following lists include words ending in -phobia and include fears that have acquired names. In some cases the naming of phobias has become a word game of notable example being a 1998 humorous article published by BBC News.

In some cases a word ending in -phobia may have an antonym with the suffix -phil- e.g. Germanophobe / Germanophile.

See also the category:Phobias.
Phobia lists

A large number of-phobia lists circulate on the Internet with words collected from indiscriminate sources often copying each other.

Mens’ fashion: The color of of socks should match the pants shoes or shirt
Does this depend on if wearing a suit casual attire or jeans

Socks should match the shirt.

Diabetes is among the most difficult conditions to manage. Caused by a defect in insulin production either the absence or inadequacy of it this condition poses a lot of risks and is known to lead to many different complications all detrimental to one’s health. All are aware that when one suffers from diabetes they most likely are prone or may already have existing foot problems. Why a diabetic easily develops foot problems is due to the conditions manifested by the disease itself. Though diabetes is characterized by other symptoms as well like very high blood sugar levels excessive thirst and increased urination poor circulation and neuropathy are the very culprits leading thousands of diabetics every year to permanent loss of limbs.
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Navy Midshipmen Ladies White-Navy Blue Argyle Socks

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Ladies, put some prep in your step while showing which team's colors you rock on game day in these comfy argyle socks!
Bobby’s World is an American animated television series which ran from 1990 to 1998 on FOX Kids. It was about the daily life of Bobby Generic (pronounced /dnrk/ JEN–rik) and his very overactive imagination on how he sees the world. The show was created by Canadian actor-comedian Howie Mandel. Mandel also provided the voice of both Bobby and his father Howard Generic who looks like a cartoon version of Mandel himself. It was produced by Film Roman for Alevy Productions and FOX Kids Productions. The theme song for Bobby’s World was composed by John Tesh along with Michael Hanna.


The character of “Bobby” can be traced back to Mandel’s stand-up comedy performances; Mandel would commonly go into character with the same voice as Bobby often conversing with an unseen “parent”.

The voices of Kelly Generic (Bobby’s sister) and Martha Generic (Bobby’s mom) are based on two recurring characters Gail Matthius played when she was a cast member on Saturday Night Live in 1980. Martha is based on the character Roweena a chain smoking hair stylist with a Upper Midwestern accent who gets into arguments with her best customer Nadine (Denny Dillon) while Kelly Generic is based on the character Vicky a valley girl who annoys others with her shallow questions and rambling stories and often is seen with her friend Debbie (also Dillon).

I wear mens tube socks under my pants in the winterdoes that make me a dork
The guy that I am dating saw me wearing Hanes tube socks and he gave me a look as to what the hell is she wearingHe asked me why I wear them pulled up to my knees and I told him they keep me warm when it’s cold out and he called me a dork.I tried wearing girls knee socks from Target but they r not warm enough 4 me.I wear them only in the cold weatheraround the house and I sleep in me out is there anyone else out there that does this or am I a dork

It doesn’t make you a dork but it does make you a crossdresser.

It is of crucial importance for a diabetic to protect his feet from injury and infection. Loss of sensation reduced circulation and delayed wound healing are potential complications that might result from diabetes. Investing in a sock specifically designed for a diabetic might be the first step for a diabetic towards protection from these complications. Such a sock has continuous direct contact with the skin of the foot throughout the day and thus might help in preventing complications.
Initially it was believed that the wearing of socks by a diabetes patient would help in avoiding potential harmful effects by protecting the foot.
Gold Toe Support Over The Calf Socks are engineered to relieve discomfort associated with varicose veins and swollen legs. The contoured shape improves
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Purdue Boilermakers Ladies White-Black Argyle Socks

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Ladies, put some prep in your step while showing which team's colors you rock on game day in these comfy Argyle socks!
The Wii Balance Board is a balance board accessory for the Nintendo Wii video game console. Along with Wii Fit it was introduced on July 11 2007 at the Electronic Entertainment Expo.

The top of a Wii Balance Board
The bottom of a Wii Balance Board

The Wii Balance Board is shaped like a household body scale with a plain white top and light gray bottom. It runs on four AA batteries as a power source which can power the board for about 60 hours. The board uses Bluetooth technology and contains multiple pressure sensors that are used to measure the user’s center of balancethe location of the intersection between an imaginary line drawn vertically through the center of mass and the surface of the Balance Boardand weight. In an interview conducted by gaming web site IGN Shigeru Miyamoto stated that the Balance Board’s ability to measure weight is probably more accurate than that of a typical bathroom scale.

Although the Japanese packaging states that it is designed to support people weighing up to 136 kilograms (300 pounds) and the “Western” Balance Board up to 150 kg (330 pounds) they are actually the same board. The packaging differs due to regulatory differences between Japan and the United States.

why do i like sniffing mens dirty sweaty socks
i’m a gay guy and i have a massive thing for having a guys sweaty socks straight out of shoes rubbed in my face where does this come from

I don’t know but I suggest antiseptic wipes. I know some guys with cheesy feet that would make your nose bleed. Safe socks people!

If you suffer from diabetes the wearing of diabetic socks and diabetic slippers is highly recommended. Diabetic slippers can help to prevent the progression of foot calluses which if allowed to progress can turn into ulcers. They can prevent foot ulcers caused by ill-fitting footwear or overdeveloped calluses and will help to protect your feet from dangers underfoot that you may not be able to feel if you are suffering from peripheral neuropathy. These slippers also cushion the feet and prevent discomfort arising from stiff joints.
If left untreated many of these conditions can lead to amputation. This is why these slippers are of great importance.
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  • I haven’t worn knee high socks since eighth grade which was also the last time I wore a plaid kilt another top trend.