Luvable Friends 3 Pack Argyle Computer Socks, Pink

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How can I make my school uniform cute
Theese are the uniform guidelines for my schoolWe can wear basically any acessories my general style is kind of girly- the skirts :) :) also does anyone have any cute hair ideas that i can do it about 20 minutes (I have blonde hair: brow-skimming bangs and a little longer than sholderlength hair with layers and framing thanks!)

Middle School Ladies Dress Uniform
Shirts: Knit polo shirt that is white navy blue or forest green (no emblem or stripes) may be long or short sleeved Shirt must be long enough to cover midriff with arms raised any color undershirt may be worn underneath shirts. Undershirts must be plain without text pictures or logos displayed
Sweater: Navy or dark green sweater (monogrammed with Bear Creek logo) may be cardigan crew neck pullover v-neck pullover or v-neck vest; must be purchased from The Uniform Store (Dennis Uniform) or Lands End
Skirts: Sequoia plaid skirt; must be purchased from The Uniform Store (Dennis Uniform) Light tan khaki skirt; may be chino or corduroy Skirt must be knee length Side slits or vents may be above the knee to allow for movement but should be two inches or less above the knee. No front slit is allowed above the knee Plaid skirt may be worn with a Bear Creek navy or dark green sweater
Shoes: Dress shoes are to be worn and should blend and enhance the formal look of the dress uniform standard No athletic-style shoes flip flops slippers or Uggs on dress days (basically and “fancy shoe”)
Socks/Tights: Flesh-tone nylons or tights that match the uniform Knee high or ankle socks that are the color brown white khaki or match sweater Patterns or argyle socks in school colors No leg warmers or leggings may be worn
Accessories: Ladies may wear a belt but are not required to do so any Jewlery/ Headbands are allowed — No hats

Middle School Ladies Casual Uniform
Shirts: See dress uniform shirt guidelines FRIDAYS ONLY: Students may wear a Bear Creek club/sports/event shirt that has been approved in advance by the Division Head
Optional Hooded Sweatshirt: Bear Creek Grizzlies hooded sweatshirt (MS green only) may be ordered from Gear Athletics Note: Two sweatshirts are available on this Web site the green hooded sweatshirt is an approved “casual day” uniform item for school and classroom. The gray crew neck sweatshirt is an optional item for P.E. class only If student plans to take their green sweatshirt off during the day the student must wear a uniform shirt
Pants: Light tan khaki slacks cargos capris Pants must be free of labels or colored piping; no denim material Pants must fit the waist and not drag the floor
Walking Shorts/Skorts: Must have at least 5 inch inseam. (Note: this is the minimum inseam for ladies size 8; use as a comparison for larger/smaller sizes)
Skirts: See dress uniform skirt guidelines
Shoe Guidelines: No Slippers
Socks/Tights: See dress uniform socks/tights guidelines
Accessories: See dress uniform accessories guidelines

hahaha that’s almost like the dress code for the school i just transferred to but we have shorter skirts and no forest green. (ew..forest green and navy!!)
anyway my advice is DON’T wear the pants cause that would be gross.
your lucky..your shoe guidelines are WAY better. we can’t wear boots or heels or anything. i think you should wear UGGS since YOU CANN!!
we have the thing on fridays too lol where you can wear a shirt that has your school on it. it’s like..they think they’re giving us freedom but they’re really not…lol.
and for your hair mix it up with straight one day then curls.

Designer socks have long been the forte of Ellie. And if you are one of the many women who are into those outrageous designer socks of both ankle and knee lengths then you surely must have heard of HOT SOX! Yes this is the official baby of Ellie!
Ellie Gordon has done so much in the fashion industry. Coming from a Polish family who survived the Holocaust the strength of Ellie’s company is definitely an inspiring story all throughout the industry. In fact apart from being one of the hugest names in the latest realm in fashion hosiery Ellie has also led so many women in business.
Comfort and style that get you through the day. Timeless argyle print is both preppy and cool. Cotton/Nylon/Spandex Fits shoes sizes 8 to 12 Machine
These socks are available in white or gray hues sometimes with stripes and range from below-the-ankle nearly above-the-calf size. These socks needs to not be pre-owned if anyone will not be carrying an athletic create. Informal (thicker) blue socks may be second-hand if anyone is carrying blue jeans. Most adult males and couple of girls make a mistake in carrying white-colored socks with dark colored pants. White socks for athletics are generally second hand if light thicker socks will not be accessible when white-colored denim is worn. Denim of other tints may be effective with corresponding casual socks. Thinner or dressier socks could be utilized when slacks are used. Similarly khaki socks for khaki pants black socks with black jeans brown socks for brown pants and others. Exactly the same is correct to suits and some formal attire with black or white ties. Argyle as well as other Types
Argyle socks are good to apply when carrying denims and slacks or sometimes with fits but could not be worn with some tailcoat or tux.
  • Fashion takes its trends from interesting places. I remember that argyle socks were ‘dad socks’ when I was younger.
  • Buy the Adrenaline Argyle Socks at LACROSSE.COM. … There’s a new trend in lacrosse: Argyle socks that rock.
  • Incorporating the Benny Gold Brands signature argyle theme the socks feature two-tone color schemes with trademark paper plane logo gliding across the.
  • I can think of many things to argyle. Is it a Murphy’s law that if I go out and buy argyle socks that it will be the one pair of socks.
  • Classic argyle in a crew cut. 56% Egyptian cotton/41% nylon/3% polyester 200 needle count Imported.

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