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i wanted to know where i can find the poster in juno’s room w/ the two people wearing argyle socks…
in the movie juno i found out where to get the girl/heart poster but i can’t for the life of me find the two people in sweatshirts short shorts and argyle socks. i reeeeeaally want it
in the movie juno i found out where to get the girl/heart poster but i can’t for the life of me find the two people in sweatshirts short shorts and argyle socks. i reeeeeaally want it

and who’s the artist…

Hottopic sells it! ;]

Why would you ever want to buy wool socks for the summer It seems like an insane idea; your feet are already warm so why add wool to the mix Ironically the properties of merino wool make it the chosen summer sock of outdoor enthusiasts. Here’s why.
1. Merino wool socks are breathable. The fine spindly fibers specific to merino wool create small air pockets that enable the socks to breathe. These breathable socks do not let your feet smell. The reason being is that wool has natural anti-bacterial properties that can resist odors even after a full day’s (or multiple days) adventure whether it is hiking running mountain climbing cycling etc.
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Refrain from using socks which are precisely of comparable shade to your sneakers lest you near out to have on boots. Argyle socks are often a fine select with shorts. Socks should always by no means be being used with sandals. White-colored socks are applicable only for sports. When heading towards the gym it will be beneficial to don bright socks. They are high quality also and essentially seem to be extra desirable than some dark socks. If you want to work with costume sneakers athletic socks aren’t recommended irregardless of color.
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